Performance Management Stream

There are times within the work place when we can feel lost or distracted from our purpose and work based skills. This group of meditations are designed to reconnect you to innate business skills and regain confidence in your own personal power.

Work life Balance meditation

Maintaining balance between work and home life can be a struggle, this meditation is designed to help you detach from work and develop a more balance approach to you life and well being. 

Post holiday blues meditation

Returning to work after holiday or leave can be stressful as we build up a mental image of work load piling up. Use the meditation to help refocus your energy to the tasks at hand. 

Building confidence

There are times and tasks that can deeply effect our confidence within our selves and abilities. Use the meditation to help reconnect to your inner knowledge and gain confidence in you level of skills and understanding of your abilities. 

Conflict with in a team 

There are times when we have conflict with your teams, we all don't agree, we rub each other up the wrong way. This meditation is designed to help you release any pent up anger and frustrations that arise through conflict. 

Conflict with a client

The customer is always right! A well know phrase, however getting clients to hear us can be a challenging situation and can leave you feeling highly stressed and frustrated.

Use this meditation to alleviate stressful emotions from dealing with difficult clients, this will allow you to move onto your next client with a new frame of mind and clear focus.