Daily performance Stream

This selection of meditations are ideal for setting you for the week, creating balance at the end of the day and our Second Wind will boost your concentration when you have hit that wall or suffer brain drain.

Monday Tune up 

Start each week in the right frame of mind with this short mindful boost. Connecting to the week ahead is key for any job function, use this meditation if you are feeling unmotivated or unconnected due to outside events and issues to bring your focus back into the work place.  

Daily Tune up

Great for when you need to reconnect to your work and focus on tasks at hand. This meditation can be used for any day of the week. 

End of day 

Time to let go of the work load for the day and have the right mind set for heading home and leaving work behind. 

Second Wind

When you hit that wall and suffer from brain drain. Gain a your second wind to and feel ready to finish off tasks before the days end.