Wellbeing meditation stream

This pack has all your wellbeing needs covered with the following meditations:

A key workplace meditation designed to be used any time, in any situation. De-stressing is an important tool to calm your mental and emotional energy so you can cope with everyday stress at work, and meet unexpected events with resilience. This meditation can help with simple situations like letting go of an unpleasant phone call, recovering from workplace conflict, and coping with producing results under pressure.

Confidence Builder
When was the last time you felt unshakably confident about yourself and your skills? Can you remember a time you were truly confident in your own abilities? If for some reason you have lost touch with your confidence, or are struggling to believe in your skills and abilities, this meditation is designed to start bringing your confidence back. Use this meditation to instil self-belief, help with self-recognition, and boost your confidence in any given situation.

Self-esteem Builder
Do you value what you bring to your team, workplace, or career? Self-esteem is how you see yourself in relation to those around you, and all too often we compare ourselves to colleagues and find our faults but miss our strengths. This meditation is designed to help you rediscover your strengths and build your self-esteem in what you do daily. Through improving our self-esteem we begin to recognise the value we add to any given situation, and our confidence builds. Take that compliment and feel your true value!

Post-holiday Blues
Do you have that post-holiday dread? Are you feeling stressed, out of practice, and unsure what awaits you upon your return to work? Sit back and relax during this meditation specifically designed to help you get your mind focused and ready for the workplace.