Working week meditations stream

Step into the business bubble, a space where you can de-stress and build the corporate skills you need to enhance your business skills. This selection of meditations are designed to help you through your day.

Monday Tune up

Get ready for the week with the Monday tune up!


Destress and centre your self

Conflict within a team 

Are you dealing with conflict within your team? Access your assertive communication and work through the conflict to improve your working environment.

Conflict with a Client

Do you have a client who is causing issues? use this meditation to work your way to a resolution

Second wind

When you hit that point in the day when focus is lacking, feeling tired and lacking concentration. This meditation will help you reconnect to your tasks at hand and help you over the 3.30 blues.

End of day

Finish your day with this meditation to help you create a healthy habit of organizing your work for the following day. This new habit will allow you to step away from your desk and task feeling prepared for work in advance.