Mix & Match mindful meditation catalogue

You can select from our complete range of destress mindfulness meditations so you have a tailored self help destress tool at your finder tips.

Being in control of the your own emotional and mental wellbeing at work is crucial  to your over all personal performance. If you need a boost to star the week, the Monday tune up is idea, or if you have trouble leaving work behind, then our end of day mediations will build in good personal habits that will give you that work/life balance back.

Choose from our range of mindfulness meditations to create your personal self development tools. 


De-Stress De-Stress
De-Stress Free $4.99
Building confidence
Building confidence $4.95
Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance $4.95
Monday tune up
Monday tune up $4.95
Post holiday blues
Post holiday blues $4.95
Conflict with a client
Conflict with a client $4.95
Conflict within a team
Conflict within a team $4.95
Second Wind
Second Wind $4.95
End of Day
End of Day $4.95
Daily Tune Up
Daily Tune Up $4.49