Mindfulness in the WORKPLACE

Are you struggling with stress or lack of concentration at work?

The Business Bubble gives you access to tools and meditations that will help you develop and enhance your coping skills when faced with difficult work situations, leading to flow-on benefits in your personal life and relationships.

How does mindful meditation help?

The positive effects of meditation are well documented; by putting yourself into a place of stillness, your mind can relax, refocus and reboot. The Business Bubble’s meditations are designed to relate directly to today’s modern world, from recovering from a challenging meeting to re-energising yourself partway through the workday.

Meditation practice can be as short as a 5min tune up or a full hour. We’ve kept our meditations between 5 and 10 minutes, so they easily fit into your coffee or lunch break. Meditations can be accessed through your mobile device, or at your desk through your computer.

What Makes This Unique?

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Pictures, patterns, acronyms and formulae are used to make complex theory easy to follow and understand
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10 Ways meditation can improve your business & staff performance

Through using our cognitive meditations we hope you will see an improvement within yourself and become more confident and balanced in your work and personal life. The following are some areas where you might see these improvements:

  • Improved concentration
  • Developing new skills
  • Reducing stress during working hours
  • Performance management
  • Crisis management